Loan Guarantee cheaper than Farm Credit Insurance

Guarantee your loan to CreditCole with non-bank loan insurance

By applying for a bank loan to finance real estate, CreditCole Bank offers you to subscribe to a bank loan insurance to insure your loved ones as well as your real estate assets:

CreditCole Group Insurance »You certainly know it but today, with the law laggard device you can freely choose your loan insurance offer and thus lower the cost of your CreditCole loan.


Founded in 1885, CreditCole is a general-purpose banking group with the leading role of retail banking in Europe. A leading banking player in France, the group is a solid financial partner. With more than 11,600 branches, CreditCole operates worldwide. In 2007, the group received the distinction of “World Bank” by The Banker magazine. Bank but also insurer, bancassurance offers its customers solutions adapted to their needs.

Compare the rates CreditCole Loan Insurance with the offers of the brokerage firm insurance online loan

Discover all the solutions to ensure a bank loan agricultural credit according to your borrower profile with an external loan guarantee:

  • for borrowers practicing a risky sport,
  • for senior borrowers,
  • for borrowers wanting a job loss guarantee,
  • for borrowers practicing a dangerous occupation,
  • for borrowers with aggravated health risks

Opt freely for Crédit loan insurance

Opt freely for Crédit loan insurance

Since the implementation of the Lagarde law in September 2010, borrowers are allowed to take out their loan insurance outside the lending institution. So you can find an insurance offer cheaper and more suitable than the insurance contract offered by the lending bank.

Make a comparison of Credit loan insurance

Make a comparison of Credit loan insurance

By using a CreditCole Loan Insurance Comparator, you will compare the best insurance offers on the market and choose the one that suits you best and will reduce the cost of your mortgage.

The loan insurance broker negotiates for you your CreditCole loan insurance! By resorting to the insurance-of-loan-not-expensive broker, you will get the best quotes of insurance borrower and can save several thousand euros on your mortgage.

Choose the insurance of your credit loan buyback

Put into effect on September 1, 2010, the Lagarde law allows borrowers to freely subscribe their insurance with the insurer of their choice. You are therefore free to opt for the insurance contract at the cheapest rate or with guarantees more extensive than those of the group contract of your bank. The insurance delegation allows everyone to benefit from the insurance that best suits their needs.

Agricultural credit

Agricultural credit

A French general banking group present in many countries. Because of its original activity developed in favor of the agricultural world, often called “the green bank”.

Save on your loan buyback thanks to the broker

The broker is a professional whose objective is to negotiate for his clients the best financial offers on the market. His experience and knowledge of the world of finance allow him to advise each borrower according to his needs. Using a broker will allow you to not waste time in your steps and you will enjoy certain benefits. Thanks to him, you will optimize in full your loan redemption. The brokerage Insurance-of-loan-not-expensive can offer you the best offers of credit and insurance of the largest organizations.

You can negotiate loan insurance with your banker to save on your mortgage insurance?

The online mortgage broker allows you to calculate the rate of your bank loan insurance using our online loan insurance pricing tool to compare the contracts of major insurance companies.