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You can earn money at home in all kinds of ways. Working from home has its advantages. You can earn extra money while enjoying a cup of tea or a cup of coffee! How? Read it here!

Earn money at home with these tips

Earn money at home with these tips

As explained in the intro, making money at home is easily possible. In many cases it will not make you rich. A small proportion of home earners can do this. This depends on the type of homework you do.

Working from home as a data entry typist

Working from home as a data entry typist

A data entry typist enters pure data via his / her computer. In many cases this will be texts, but also numbers.

With texts you can think of entering customer data in a database . For example, these customers have left their data on a website. This must now be processed in a database. In this case you will have to sign a declaration of secrecy. After all, it is about privacy sensitive data. But also, for example, typing interviews.

With figures you can think of entering amounts or calculations in a database . This can also be the typing of amounts or numbers on paper.

You can find a data entry typist both at the office and at home.

Make extra money with cooking

Make extra money with cooking

Do you always cook too much at home? Then this offers good possibilities. Don’t throw it away, because you can make a whole legion of people happy with it. For example, there are people who specially cook extra to earn extra money . Throwing away is a waste and costs money. Selling your food is fun and worthwhile.

You can earn money at home in a nice way. However … there were several websites on the internet where you can easily register and immediately start selling your surplus or extra made food . Unfortunately these websites are no longer available. Just like the apps.

Offering your cooking skills is not yet possible via Marktplaats. And this is not going to happen. For example, you could hang a note in the hall of your flat to offer your food for sale. Whether this will actually work well is questionable.

Make money by entering a survey

You can earn money online in different ways. And also without a website. Namely by filling in surveys . How does it work?

You register for example with Panelclix . This is a reliable party that has been active in this field for more than 15 years. Once registered you can get started right away. Once you have completed a survey online, you will earn points . You exchange these points for money.
The earnings depend on your commitment and time. To give you an idea of ​​what you deserve, follow a few examples:

  • As soon as you sign up you already earn 150 points
  • If you complete a questionnaire with fewer than 10 questions, you earn 20 points
  • When you fill in a questionnaire with between 10-15 questions, you earn 30 points
  • A questionnaire with between 16-20 questions, you earn 40 points
  • Etc …

What are the points worth?

  • 1,000 points = € 10
  • 2,000 points = € 25
  • 4,000 points = € 50
  • 5,000 points = € 70
  • Etc ..

Earn extra money as a copywriter

Many websites need copywriters , also known as bloggers. Some earn their living with it. For others it is nice included. Everything depends on your writing skills and your knowledge. If you know a lot about a certain subject and you can translate this through your hands to the online paper, then you have a great chance to get started as a copywriter. So make money at home with copywriting? Pay attention:

Sign up for example with Fiverr and / or Textbroker . Generally applies; the better your knowledge and writing skills, the more you earn.

Your own call center

You must be a talker. But if you can do this well, then your own call center might be something for you. Depending on the type of “calls” you can, for example, pick up telephones on behalf of a company. You answer simple questions or transfer them to the relevant company.

If you have more experience, then you can also do sales , for example. Sales by telephone. Not everyone is charmed by this. Depending on your contract you can earn quite a bit with this. There are different ways to make a sale.

  • Based on your sales. So for every sale you earn something.
  • You get a basic rate plus a certain amount of commission on every sale.
  • You receive a fixed amount per hour

Zakcentje as a babysitter

Zakcentje as a babysitter

If you like children, then this side job must be written on your body. It is important to make agreements with the parents. What do the parents expect, who will take care of the food etc .. Once everything has been arranged, it will be a piece of cake. Although .. babysitting children is not always easy. After all, you have a responsible task. Everything in your house must therefore be safe.

A part-time job as a babysitter seems fun, but it does entail a number of small risks. First make sure your house is safe and that you have adequate supervision of the children. And make good agreements with the parents.

Packing work

Yes, the most famous among home workers. The well-known packing work. If you don’t mind stretching your sleeves, you might think of wrapping work. This work can be anything. From wrapping Christmas gifts to packing brochures.